International Negotiation

Worldwide communications capabilities

Global sourcing and international business increases fast. So does the need to negotiate with business partners from different backgrounds and cultures. This two-day intercultural communication skills training programme will give you a number of tools for facilitating the process of intercultural business, negotiation, and professional communication.

Excerpt from International negotiation

  • What is a culture? A three-level model: Products and behaviours, Norms and values, Basic assumptions
  • How do cultures differ? The ”Seven Dimensions of Culture” model
  • Strategies for effective intercultural communication in negotiations
  • The theoretical inputs use real-life business and professional examples
  • The practical exercises include role-plays, group discussions, and analysis of participants own intercultural cases


Andal dagar: 2 dagar

Pris: 15 700 kr (exkl. moms)


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28-29 november 2016
29-30 mars 2017
8-9 november 2017



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